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Susanís Statement of Purpose

ďMaking food choices is one way we empower our lives.  It is a daily activity that supports us to have energy, feel good, look good, and stay well.  Sometimes we just need a little bit of information to help us make the best choices for ourselves.  I want to help by sharing my knowledge and assisting you in being truly nourished.

About Susan Gins

Susan Gins is a private practice nutritionist in Seattle and Issaquah, Washington.  She earned a Masterís of Science degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University (located in Bothell, WA) and is a Certified Nutritionist in Washington State.  Susan began her career in nutrition after raising a family and having a successful career in textile art.  As a result, she brings a wealth of experience and perspective to her nutritional counseling.  Focused on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout life and the healing power of food, Susan encourages her clients to set realistic and personalized goals and to implement gradual changes.

Due to her dynamic personality and extensive education and experience, Susan is a highly respected media spokesperson, lecturer, and teacher.

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She and her husband, Steve, enjoy gardening, writing, and cooking. Her son owns a fly fishing guiding business in Pennsylvania.

Nutritional Counseling is a healing profession that is accurately represented by its name.  With half the emphasis on food and the other half on counseling, a good nutritionist knows that eating is profoundly tied to the daily habits of our lives.  Every day we make tens of choices connected to what we eat: where we shop (if we shop); how we prepare food; how much we eat; what will eat and what we wonít eat; what we drink; where we eat; with whom we eat; what we are hungry for, and the list goes on.

Many disease states can be ameliorated by making food choices that decrease inflammation, reduce excess stress on organs, help normalize test values (for example, cholesterol and blood sugar), and decrease fatigue and roller coaster energy states.  Food can be a friend or foe.  I help people make food their healthy friend.Ē

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