I value being of service to my clients, sharing my extensive experience to support people feeling good and living the life they want.


For detailed information about my presentations and lectures, contact me via email nourish1@comcast.net or text/call 206-795-8892. I will return your inquiry within one business day.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you.

Susan Gins

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  • Testimonials

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This is the first holiday season in my life that I walked by every cookie, cake, piece of candy, pie or anything else, and never thought ONCE about eating any of it. I didn't ignore it and pat myself on the back for being good. It just didn't register. - Fiona R.
    The difference about Susan and the other nutritionists I saw is, she really listened to me and did not try to push me into something I knew wasn’t good for me. She was sensitive to the way I eat, my cultural background and the limitations of what I could and could not do. I lost lots of weight. - Daisy K.
    Susan solved a problem that had plagued me for year-I was hot all the time! She realized that I was pre-diabetic and when I changed my diet by adding protein with meals and snacks, I stopped being hot all the time. The tests she recommended supported her suggestion and my glucose went down and my energy went up. - Teresa V.
    I am really enjoying all the food changes to protein-rich foods. I never feel hungry anymore! Getting my food allergies tested had alleviated my tummy upsets. What a difference! - Allison D.
    My co-workers were going crazy with my constant coughing. How would I ever find out I was allergic to carrots, dairy and other foods without your help? My coughing went away and my co-workers would like to take you out to lunch! Even my MD allergist said he was taking his son off certain foods to help his allergies. Thank you Susan. Boeing worker
    The suggestions you've made have helped a lot and I've especially found that your snack recommendations were great. - Leah B.