Save money on insurance costs, lower work absences, and increase workers energy by improving everyone's nutrition.

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Realistic advice, inspiration, encouragement, humor, sharing, and tasty snacks tailored to the topic—these are the hallmarks of my group presentations on nutrition

corporate_page_headshot1Most people want to eat the food that will make them healthy, productive, and energetic. But it is confusing to make sense of everything you hear from your from friends and family, doctors, and in the news. Even if you have the information, it can be hard to figure out how to put it into action without twisting your life inside out. My goal is to present solutions that make it much easier to adopt lasting lifestyle changes.

I love to speak to groups to share my knowledge and experience. My end game is inspiring people to make small changes on a continuing basis. This plan does result in getting to goal.

In the workplace, my group presentations are designed to lower health premiums, reduce absenteeism, help people avoid or manage diseases, increase productivity, and attain a higher level of wellness.



•Keynote Speaker at the Colfax County Public Utility District Health Fair on Thursday November 3, 2016 in Longview WA

• Eating for Longevity

Nutrients that Decrease the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

• Be Good to your Bones: How to Prevent and Live with Osteoporosis and Osteopenia through Diet and    Exercise

• Cold & Flu Season: Five key habits to help you stay healthy and why they do

• Help for ADD and ADHD Sufferers: What to eat—and what not to eat—to reduce symptoms

• Increasing Wellness for People with Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, and Heart Disease: Eight things you need to know to reduce inflammation

• Reduce Fatigue and the After-Lunch Slump: No naps needed! No fuzzy thinking! Foods to help you stay energized all day long.

• Cook for your life—and your immune system: Habits to stay healthier and get sick less often

• Recognize the essential nutrients you need and balance your protein, carbs and fat

  • King 5 TV Susan Gins, M.A., M.S. discussion on Cancer and Food from SUSAN GINS on Vimeo.

    "You are so detail oriented and thoughtful with your teaching and comments.I see why you are Seattle's best nutritionist!" - Karen B.
  • Testimonials

    You truly look fabulous and really radiate great energy. - Fiona R.
    "You are a natural on television. You made it all seem very comfortable ....just as if you were talking with a friend or cooking a meal with a friend." - Terry C
    Best 2014 class so far! We want more of these classes! I liked this presentation because it gave me new ideas and also because it was encouraging. Thank you! I learned a lot and would love to have this presentation at a family reunion! - From 2 classes on Diabetes: Strategies to Stay on Course with Nutrition and Fitness / Port of Seattle/ Seattle Housing Authority
    Susan was very good at promoting dialogue. She had many helpful suggestions. - Rev Up Your Metabolism / Fenwick & West LLP
    This was the first time the whole group was able to work together at the same time. Many participants ate food they never had before and loved it! - Garden Greens and Whole Grains-Cooking Class-Lunch / The Tavon Center
    You're a natural talking to an audience. - Wanda A.
    You are a great speaker who can make complex chemistry easy to understand. - Darla A.
    Susan, you are authoritative, funny and succinct! - Joyce H.
    Great job answering questions and choice of topics to mention. - Barbara S.
    Susan, you are authoritative, funny and succinct.- Joyce H.
    Great job answering questions and choice of topics to mention.- Barb S.